About Us

Deglutenous are two gluten free foodies, who are passionate about enabling those who must live gluten free to love food and have an enjoyable lifestyle. Their days, and many nights, are spent exploring, investigating, concocting, tasting and sharing all things gluten free.

This website was created with the aim to be a resource for those living or starting out gluten free. Many of the blogs available at the time of deglutenous’s diagnosis had a very personal view point, so deglutenous have created an informative site that provides good, concise and easy to understand information about Coeliac Disease and being gluten free. Deglutenous aim to be a knowledge base and to build a community of gluten free people who want to come back and continue to learn the latest and greatest in the world of gluten free.

The website has been set out to detail research and current events on The Blog, information about coeliac disease, gluten intolerance and how best to live and cater to it in Being Gluten Free and the delicious recipes live in, you guessed it, the Recipes section.

There are big plans; deglutenous are busy creating, testing and sharing recipes, building a review section, getting involved in forums, looking for guest blogging and writing opportunities and building relationships with gluten free brands to bring the audience word of the newest and most exciting products available. Deglutenous have grander plans too; cooking classes, videos, more travel guides and a locations engine.

Deglutenous is powered by Scott and Alice. Scott a software developer by trade, designs and develops the site while Alice, once a journalist by trade, develops all the content for the site and manages the social media. With a combined 20 years in the digital marketing industry, they have unbeatable experience.

With a passion for food, great mix of skills, knowledge of the digital world and gluten free requirements deglutenous aim to build a website that is an all encompassing gluten free resource. It is full steam ahead and very exciting.

Please contact deglutenous if you would like to know more, have a burning gluten free question, would like to contribute in anyway to this site, would like deglutenous to contribute in anyway to your site or business or you would like to advertise on this site.