Gluten free holiday

Deglutenous are packing their bags and heading to Europe in 18 periods of sleep! How exciting…and daunting to be visiting all these foreign places with a whole new perspective. A foray into gluten-free travel.

The stats

  • 18 gluten-free meals in the UK (6 nights, 3 at the start and 3 at the end)
  • 18 gluten-free meals in Croatia (6 nights)
  • 15 gluten free meals Montenegro (5 nights)
  • 1 night on a ferry (not sure about the gluten-free meal options there!)
  • 12 gluten free meals in Italy (4 nights)
    (this is purely a projection, we are sure dessert will add another 26 meals to the total!)

In total

  • 8 flights
  • 26 days away in total
  • approximately 78 gluten-free meals, including airplane meals.

We have heard excellent things about the gluten-free options in Italy and are certain as first language English speakers the UK will be fairly straight forward. Croatia and Montenegro on the other hand, we aren’t so sure about.

The plan

  • Write up cards with gluten-free information and have them checked by those who speak Croatian and Montenegrin to use when ordering meals (we will circulate these to our readers of course).
  • When uncertain of dining out options we have opted for accommodation with a kitchen so we can visit the local markets (even better) and prepare our own from fresh produce.
  • Research and planning to make sure we can dine out to experience all the rich culture in these countries. Local cuisine is such a huge part of learning all about a new place, not having the opportunity to do that would take away from a wonderful holiday. We won’t let our gluten free requirements stop us eating out in Europe, as long as we can communicate on some level to determine it is safe.

Stay posted for more planning and updates before deglutenous hit the skies for the gluten-free holiday of a lifetime!