The search for a great all-purpose gluten-free flour blend

Since going on a gluten-free diet my skin and stomach continue to struggle with certain foods. One that seems to be a repeat offender is corn (maize) flour and starch, which is a difficult one to avoid as it is one of the simplest substitutes to make gluten-free flour blends. Many of the off the shelf flour blends seem to use corn (maize) as the number one ingredient so we have started blending our own and experimenting with a few recipes. We sourced a great all-purpose flour blend from The Family Friendly Gluten-Free Cookbook, written by Sarah King. It was a gift from my lovely Scott for my birthday and it has meant my skin is clear again. I am so very happy.

Mixing your own gluten-free flour

We would have loved to share the recipe with you but the book was published under a company that has actually been bought out and the new owners would not allow it. I assure you though that we will be working on our very own flour blend to publish on deglutenous in the very near future.

Mixing our gluten-free scone dough with our own gluten-free flour blend

We have used this recipe to make savory scones and sticky date pudding from The Family Friendly Gluten-Free Cookbook but have also substituted it into our own family favorites in replacement of wheat flour and have seen nothing but delicious results, with little variation from the original recipe’s end product.